The seductive grace, the feminine charm, the woman as a universal icon of style. These are the constant points of reference for the refined and unmistakable Casato design. A perpetual search for harmony in style and shapes, with the aim of creating real works of art. A vision of the glamorous woman, fashionable and sensual, with a strong personality, who knows how to distinguish a jewel created to be unique. To be wonderfully hers. The luxury in the use of materials, from diamonds and precious stones to gold, modeled in a creative process that is very close to art and to sculpture.

A luxury, therefore, also in the artistic approach of creating jewelry, with the desire to give every woman something beautiful and unmistakable.

Create unforgettable jewels to enhance female beauty.

“Our work is an ode to celebrate beauty: our jewels are created to make a woman feel even more beautiful". - Federico Gauttieri.

“"Jewels are made to make every woman even more beautiful”.”
Innovation and heritage

It’s a creative impulse, born form the passion for beauty, art and the female grace, that, in 2004, made the Casato project come to life. A path started and carried on thanks to the creative genius, the managerial abilities and the fine esthetic taste of Federico Gauttieri.

Passionate about Renaissance and Baroque art, with the finest instinct for everything that brings out the feminine beauty. Its thanks to the abilities of its creator that, Casato, has managed to impose itself globally as a landmark for luxury and for being a trendsetter.

Working daily to pursue perfection, to shape a universe of jewelry that is unforgettable and unmistakable. Perfect prerequisites to give life to a new idea of ​​luxury, born from the perfect synergy between fashion and jewelry, ideal to satisfy the modern and elegant woman and to celebrate femininity in all its beauty and sensuality.