Daphne has always loved the sound of her name it gives her a feeling of lightness and vitality.
Art and jewellery are Daphne’s passions. The first is her job; the second identifies her.
Daphne has a distinctive taste for choosing her jewels because it seems they complete her.
She wears them on many occasions, and when invited to events and openings she likes to be unique and shows pieces of great design and originality.
When she was a child she loved playing with her Mum’s jewellery box and fitting every necklace while dreaming of romantic fairytales. Still today jewellery makes her feel beautiful.
Daphne would never go out without a precious stone reflecting her mood. First of all the green ones unquestionably her favourites because they transfer a feeling of self-confidence and happiness. Precious stones fascinate her so much that after completing her studies she took a gap year to learn everything about gemology. Ametist, peridot, citrine, topaz, rhodolite are now names bearing a charming world of properties and meanings.
Since Casato opened the Boutique in Milan Daphne has fallen in love with its style and quality.
Every time she notices a new piece in the showcase, she cannot resist at the temptation and need to feel it on her skin. That is Daphne! A woman who reveals many worlds and wants to share them with you by telling her stories.