“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”

Sophisticated design and highly personalized style are interwoven in a quest for elegance and femininity – an eternal dance inspired by the sensuousness of women, the universal icon of grace and elegance, and true protagonist of the world of Casato.

Glamour, seduction and fashion are just some of the ingredients in the mix, creating unique jewels inspired by luxury and the pursuit of beauty. Casato jewelry are made in 18 kt gold, diamonds and precious stones selected according to the quality of the color and the clarity.

“Our work is our way of celebrating beauty. We create jewelry to make a woman feel beautiful.” – Federico Gauttieri.

Blending innovation and heritage

Federico Gauttieri, founder of the Maison, is a resourceful man, dedicated to detail fond of Renaissance and Baroque art. In 2004 he founded Casato onveying the originality of his art to the world of jewellery.

Casato jewellery was born from the cohesion between noble taste and creative inspiration. Always more distinguished in the luxury scene, it develops on the wake of fusion between fashion and jewellery.

The Trendsetter in the area luxury and jewellery, Federico Gauttieri carries out passionately the creative and managerial Maison progress and keeps the priority in the same main values that characterize Casato jewellery: femininity, beauty and sensuality of a modern and elegant woman.

The 5 senses philosophy

Casato creates a private universe, where one sense leads to another in a meandering dance of colours, scents and melodies that entwine and caress one another before blending into infinity. It echoes the flavour of a vaguely oriental exoticism, slightly blurred by the elegant urbanity of Italy's most romantic city.

Woody notes and oriental suggestion essences tell about faraway places, unexpressed desires, strong sensations, a whole journey to be discovered.

The 5 senses experience continues with the taste. Casato signs the chocolate as one of the most irresistible pleasures and chooses the most refined ingredients like cocoa Valrhona, the best in the market at the moment, wisely differed into diverse balance of flavors: milk chocolate with rose and white chocolate with passion fruit.